how a little LIFT works

  1. Blueprints identifies that a program participant has hit a barrier to self-reliance.
  2. We post a summary of the situation and cost to eliminate the barrier on
  3. Donors contribute to eliminate the barrier.
  4. Participant continues on the journey to self-reliance.

All LIFTs are vetted for validity. Blueprints transparently uses donations to resolve individual or family barriers in the most impactful way.

Blueprints’ goal through A Little LIFT is to engage the community to eliminate barriers to self-sufficiency; NOT to solve problems.

Our participants may be enduring unemployment or underemployment, risk of homelessness, utility shut-off notices, lack of food security, lack of positive role models, unsafe housing, childcare issues, medical problems, crime in the neighborhood, domestic abuse issues, or car trouble/transportation issues.

It is a challenge to work through any one of these issues, but the people Blueprints supports are usually facing a combination of these issues all at once. This makes it harder for them to learn new skills, create a plan for the future, and make good decisions that may change the trajectory of their lives.

A Little LIFT eliminates barriers so people can continue their journey to self-sufficiency.

Single parent and two children standing on the shore of a river, holding hands

A family experiencing life’s pressures can feel helpless, like they’re stuck downriver.

The small family begins to make their way across the water to reach their goal

Working with Blueprints, they begin to develop the skills to become self-sufficient and get unstuck.

The parent and children in a row boat on the water. They have lost one of their oars and are unable to reach it as it floats away. they are stranded.

But sometimes a barrier arises that blocks their ability to make progress.

A helicopter has arrived with a Blueprints logo on the side. A person is reaching down to hand the stranded parent and children an oar to replace the one they lost.

With a Little LIFT, the barrier is removed and they can continue moving upstream.

The family continues on its way across the water, with the new oar to help.

They still have to do the work — but they once again have the resources to continue the journey.

The single parent and two children, reach their goal of a sustainable life

With perseverance and a little LIFT, they can attain the skills, motivations, and opportunities to change their life.

an example of how a little LIFT removes barriers to self-reliance

A gainfully employed single mother works a full-time job, needing her car to get to work. If her car needs $500 to pass inspection and she doesn’t have it, then she can’t get to work, she can’t earn money to pay the rent, her family might be evicted with nowhere to go, and things can spiral downward from there despite her striving hard to reach self-reliance.

Does the family end up in a homeless shelter? How long will it take for this family to get back to stability? If 25 people each donate $20 to eliminate this barrier, the mother can remain employed and plan to improve her life circumstances. 

happy little boy looking at camera while his mother buckles him into a car seat
happy black woman sitting on a sofa

what it's like to give a LIFT

“Being able to read and understand the stories about what people are going through is what sets A Little LIFT apart. It makes it real and impactful. It goes beyond ‘Someone needs help, send money.’ These are people who are engaged in one or more Blueprints programs who are truly working to change the trajectory of their lives.

“I recognize that we all have barriers to getting what we want, but when you don’t have someone to help get you out of a jam that can set you back a lifetime, it’s ominous. A small donation from a bunch of people really makes the difference.

“I donate to LIFT because I can see the immediate impact a few dollars can make.”

– Anonymous A Little LIFT donor

quick facts

All LIFTs are vetted for validity.

The funds are used transparently by the Blueprints team to resolve the individual or family crises in the most impactful way.

You can follow the progress and see results through all the successful A Little LIFT stories and updates.

When a LIFT reaches its goal, it is closed.

We encourage you to contribute to other LIFTs and help them reach their goals! 

Create an account to make it easy to donate and to track your contributions. All transactions are securely encrypted to ensure your privacy on our website. 

What happens when a LIFT fails to reach its funding goal?

We have fully funded LIFTs since January 2019 with the help of caring community members like you!

You can authorize your donation to be used as a discretionary donation to when the LIFT to which you wish to contribute has closed with a surplus.

Why might a LIFT get canceled?

A LIFT might be canceled before its closed date if the issue was resolved through other means.

If you have authorized your donation as discretionary donation, we can use your partial or full donation to help other LIFTs reach their goal! Donations without such authorization will be refunded.