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  • Parents Need A Bed – LIFT 218

    A family of five involved in Blueprints In-Home Services, are in need of some basic necessities for their home. Mom and Dad both are employed are low-wage jobs and have found it hard to catch up and save after several big expenses occurred. All of the children have beds, but Mom and Dad are currently sleeping on the floor. This has been a struggle to get a good night's sleep on top of working and caring for their household and family. Fulfilling this need for them will allow their basic needs to be met and keep them from sleeping on the floor another night.
    $100.00 donated of $191.00 goal
  • Family of 6 In Need – LIFT 217

    A single mom of 6 little children is in need of A Little LIFT for car repairs. The family is currently co-living with an older relative and they have one family vehicle for school, doctor appointments and work. Mom has also been tending to her sick mother and needs the vehicle to drive back and forth. Mom's children are involved in Blueprints' Head Start. Our partnership with the Western Area Career & Tech Center will allow the expense to be more manageable. Getting these repairs completed will allow the family to continue going to school, work and important health appointments.
    $75.00 donated of $300.00 goal
  • Needed Nutrients – LIFT 211

    A pregnant single mom is in need of A Little LIFT to replace her stove so she can once again cook healthy meals for her children and herself. She has had a rough walk over the past several years due to addiction, but has fought hard to put herself on a better path. She has been completely clean for 3 years and has been motivated to make several positive changes in her life. She is regaining custody of her two children by the end of September and is due with her third child in November. Her stove has been broken for about a year now and she has had to cook meals primarily in the microwave. A repairman looked at the stove and determined it could not be fixed. A new stove would allow this pregnant mom to get adequate nutrition for herself and her growing children.
    $200.00 donated of $279.00 goal