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  • Catalyst of Change – LIFT 239

    A single mom of three young children, involved in Blueprints' Early Learning and WIC, is in need of some vehicle repairs in order to keep her job. The vehicle's catalytic converter and exhaust are in need of replacement, especially with it being winter time. Mom relies on this vehicle for employment, taking her children to Head Start and doctor appointments. She works part-time and taking on such a large expense is out of reach for her and her family. Fulfilling this LIFT will allow mom to keep her employment, allow her children to stay in Head Start and go to appointments. This will also keep this family safe and from breaking down in the bitter cold.
    $100.00 donated of $624.00 goal
  • Bald Tires Need Replaced – LIFT 238

    A single mom who works part-time, is in need of A Little LIFT in this new year. Mom is involved in Blueprints' WIC and Early Learning. Her tires are completely bald and her battery has been dying consistently, making it difficult to make it to work and appointments needed for her and her child. This is also a huge safety concern with the winter weather. Only working part-time, this has become an impossible expense for mom. Fulfilling this LIFT will allow her to keep her employment and appointments, as well as keep her and her child safe during the winter weather.
    $25.00 donated of $528.00 goal
  • Passing Inspection – LIFT 231

    A single mom of a young girl is in need of new tires for her vehicle. Mom and daughter are both active in Blueprints' Family Literacy Program. Mom recently lost her job and was able to apply to a couple different positions and has an upcoming interview. Her vehicle is due for inspection and since her job loss, she is unable to afford tires that will allow her to pass her vehicle inspection. Fulfilling this LIFT for this family will allow Mom to secure employment, transport her daughter to and from school as well as appointments, and continue to attend the Family Literacy Program.
    $75.00 donated of $221.00 goal